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On behalf of the entire firm, welcome to the Hedrick Law Firm, PC website. We hope you find this an informative and convenient resource that reflects our reputation for excellence, responsiveness, and approachability. Hedrick Law Firm, PC is a broad based workers' compensation and general practice litigation (trial and appellate) law firm. The firm engages in a general civil trial and work comp practice in both state and federal courts. Its North Carolina Workers' Compensation practice is conducted before the North Carolina Industrial Commission. Its members have years of experience in the practice of law, with particular experience and expertise in the areas of workers' compensation, real estate litigation, insurance contract and coverage, torts, employment and civil rights litigation, business and commercial litigation, product liability, personal injury, wrongful death, and premises liability. The firm represents a wide variety of individual, private and public clients.

The Hedrick Law Firm employs a litigation philosophy that utilizes a pragmatic, balanced approach, with an emphasis on finding solutions to client problems in an efficient, cost-effective fashion. We believe that our primary obligation is to efficiently and effectively solve the problems brought to us by our clients; whether by settlement or trial. This is accomplished by seeking commonality in negotiations and treating opponents with mutual respect and professionalism, while at the same time representing our clients aggressively and competently. When our clients need representation in litigation, our firm has the experience and ability to handle virtually any case or controversy, from small claims to complex litigation, from trial courts to compensation claim hearing levels and through all appeals. Our experience has taught the firm to be efficient and responsive in the litigation process, while recognizing the tremendous economic and emotional costs associated with resolution of disputes through trial.

When we accept a case we are committed to our client. We know that most civil and compensation litigation cases are resolved through out of court settlements. However, good settlements are not forthcoming to law firms that do not have excellent reputations for litigating cases. Our attorneys have the skill, experience, and financial resources necessary to successfully litigate our cases. Our firm has had great success with car accidents, trucking litigation, real estate litigation, insurance issues and workers comp claims.


 At Hedrick Law Firm, PC, we strive to build long lasting relationships with our clients. We seek excellence in all our endeavors and are committed to providing quality legal services efficiently and economically. We attach great importance to our relationship with each client, whether enduring or recent. Our work is the product of educated legal reasoning, skillful advocacy, absolute integrity and determination. The quality of our work, devotion and responsiveness to each client's interests are our highest priorities.

Relationships are Everything

We think that we have created a unique firm, comprised of enthusiastic and effective people. We consistently achieve excellent results for our clients, and we really like working with each other and the people who are our clients. We provide a free consultation to evaluate the facts of your cases. Then we take employee workers compensation cases on a contingency fee basis.

If we can answer any questions you have about the firm, please let us know.