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Mr. Hedrick is actively engaged in mediation, serving several times each week as a mediator generally selected by attorneys in workers compensation case. He completed his mediation training 1998, and was certified by the Dispute Resolution Commission  in 2003.  

The NC Dispute Resolution Commission’s website explains mediation as follows: “The Dispute Resolution Commission welcomes you to its website. Created by statute, the Commission is charged with certifying and regulating mediators who serve North Carolina's courts.   Mediators sit down with those involved in legal proceedings to help them discuss their dispute and to search for ways to reach a settlement. Mediators will work with parties to encourage them to open channels of communication, to inject reason into their discussions, and to help each side see the dispute through the eyes of the other. The mediator will also explore with each side the strengths and weaknesses of their case, suggest compromises, and carry offers and counter-offers between them. Unlike judges or juries, mediators do not make decisions for parties. Rather, mediators help parties come to their own conclusions and agreements on how to resolve their conflicts. If mediation is successful, parties can settle their case short of protracted litigation or trial or hearing before the North Carolina Industrial Commissional.  Mediation is now mandatory for all superior court civil actions and workers compensation claims filed in North Carolina, except in those cases where a party is seeking an extraordinary writ or is appealing a revocation of a motor vehicle operator's license. Clerks may, if they choose, refer certain types of disputes to mediation, including guardianship and estate matters, and parties may elect to participate in district criminal court mediation.”  

The Industrial Commission also has a mandatory mediation program to promote settlement of workers' compensation cases.

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